I love turmeric

turmericAs the weather changes into cooler season, gardener around NSW like me has to witness our turmeric plants hibernating 🙁 Turmeric is one of those super plants that I can not live without. http://turmerichealthbenefits.org/ has a great cover on why turmeric is great for us. If you have one or few plants in your garden, no need to do much, It will slowly come back up again in mid Spring.  I have started harvesting the leaves and keeping them in freezer for when I need them. The roots will not last long in this household.

I use the leaves in some of my curries, especially rendang and I use it to wrap my meat, fish, chicken and veggies to be grill, steamed or baked. The flavour and aroma it add to the food is just amazing! Tumeric flower is also my favourite. I add it in my stir frys or make them into sambals….. yummm!!!!

The roots, well…most of you probably are champions at using turmeric in your curries. Have you tried to add it into your sweets, rice or turning it into a healthy and yummy drinks? For my love of turmeric, I will dedicate the next couple of month in making, testing and giving some recipes on what can we do with turmeric, stay tuned 🙂