Hello to an exciting 2014

Dwipa Kitchen is opening its restaurant “Balinese Spice Magic” at the end of March 2014! I will keep you posted on the actual opening date asap 🙂

First of all, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and Happy Year of the horse!!!       My apologies for neglecting my blog the last few months, I have a really deep concern that I lost my English! Dwipa Kitchen house hold have been blessed with the addition of a beautiful, healthy and content baby boy in September 2013. I have been very content doing mummy duties for my three children as well as learning as much as I can about more and more authentic Balinese cooking from my parents during their three months visit in Australia.

My learning experience has been re-living my childhood as my parents insist that “I have thought you that before!!!” …that certainly not how I remembered it but in a way that is sort of true 🙂 As a child I remembered how I hate peeling onions, harvesting spices and grinding them. I much preferred be the boy, the son that my parents never had and do boys thing! Hunting for frog, bees, eels (Small Asian eels), dragon fly for meals and work at the car wash.

Funny enough, all those training (miseries) that my parents put me through is what I truly enjoyed this days. I love harvesting fresh spices and love love love the smells from the freshly ground spices. Still not fancy peeling onion, but lucky enough I can delegate that duty these days 😉

This week I have been working on my recipes and menu for the restaurant and very looking forward to share my improved recipes and cooking with you all. Thank you for your patient and for your support to me and Dwipa Kitchen.

Much love to you all 🙂

Jules Mitry