Jules’s Dairy Free Chocolate and Coconut Cake

I love snacking, well…I just love eating and experimenting with food all the time. When I first  moved to Australia over ten years ago, I always mixed and cooked something up without even knowing what it was as long as its smell or look good and its food 🙂 My foster sister Grace called me the “Put Put Chef”, but hey… 60% of the time the food turn up yummy when the remaining 40% were sort of edible when I add chilli to it 😉

I enjoy cooking and learnt so much from my 40 %. The 60 % inspired me to explore and experience more with new ingredients. So if a Balinese girl can cook and bake so can any of you 🙂

Here is one of my put put recipe 🙂 Preparation and cooking time is around 1 1/2 hour

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